Doctor Radina explained why milk and tonic are indispensable for men’s skin

Men have thicker skin, so the aging process is slower, but blackheads, greasiness and breakouts often appear on the face due to shaving. Beautician Kristina Radina told Life what should be in a men’s cosmetic bag during the trip.

First, it is a means for cleansing the skin. At the same time, the one that removes oily sheen is better. Any cosmetic milk will do, because it will perfectly cleanse the skin. You need to buy cotton pads for it. Secondly, a tonic. Soap should not be used, but tonic is ideal for men’s skin.

“Thirdly, you should definitely use a moisturizer, a soothing cream that is suitable for men after shaving. You can also use sun protection for men’s skin, of course with a high SPF, if you have to stay in the sun for a long time,” — noted the physician.

She recalled that men often neglect this advice, but if the skin is light, then it quickly burns out, and this can result in the development of cancer. Fourth, hygienic lipstick. It is indispensable in winter, as lips can peel off from the cold and wind. Fifth, thermal water. It should be considered an excellent method to quickly freshen up. Also, the tool will help if the skin is dry on the street.


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