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Doctor Pavlova dispelled the myth about the need for a complete rejection of starchy foods for weight loss


Contrary to popular belief, a complete rejection of the use of flour products is not a necessary condition for successful weight loss. Zukhra Pavlova, an endocrinologist, stated this on her channel in the Telegram messenger.

The medical specialist emphasized that eating one sweet bun a month will not have a significant impact on the figure and will not interfere with weight loss. At the same time, she stressed that the excessive consumption of certain dishes should still be abandoned. Among the harmful products, the doctor attributed deep-fried potatoes, as well as burgers and meatballs. According to her, the trans fats contained in them are dangerous.

“Deep-fried potatoes, and the cutlet itself, are overloaded with advanced glycation end products, one of the main factors in aging. A lot of trans fats, which have a very strong effect on the cardiovascular system, ”said Pavlova.

Chief Physician of the City Clinical Hospital named after V.V. Vinogradova Olga Sharapova previously warned about the danger of watermelons. According to her, the use of this berry should be abandoned in the presence of atherosclerosis and urolithiasis.



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