Doctor Korennaya called ineffective contraceptives


The condom and the calendar method are much less effective than modern contraceptives. About it “” said Vera Korennaya, chief freelance specialist in gynecology at the Moscow Department of Health.

“In modern contraceptives, the content of hormones is radically reduced, while their effectiveness is very high and reaches 99%. They have a good tolerability profile, and in some cases an additional therapeutic effect on the body, for example, with bleeding or pelvic pain,” she explained.

According to her, using the calendar method or interrupting sexual intercourse is akin to the work of the telegraph in the era of tablets and smartphones, since modern means are reliable and safe. In addition to birth control pills, contraceptives have been developed in the form of injections, patches, miniature implants and vaginal hormone rings, the gynecologist added.

However, she warned that these methods do not protect against sexual infections, including such dangerous diseases as HIV and human papillomavirus. This is where barrier methods of protection come in handy. Ideally, as Korennaya advised, both a condom and pregnancy pills should be used.

The doctor stressed that you can not prescribe contraceptives yourself, it is better to seek advice from the hospital. The doctor will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient and concomitant diseases. So, birth control pills can increase the risk of thrombosis, increase migraines, reduce the effectiveness of drugs that a woman takes, the doctor noted.


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