Doctor Ivenskaya spoke about the harmful effects of a mother’s raw food diet on a child’s health

A mother’s passion for a raw food diet can adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the child, said Eleonora Ivenskaya teacher of pediatrics and practicing pediatrician in dialogue with RIA News.

“Hemoglobin is primarily the delivery of oxygen to all tissues, including the brain. If the child does not receive enough oxygen, then his development will slow down, ”RIA Novosti quotes the pediatrician.

Ivenskaya said that diets not prescribed by a doctor for medical reasons, and starvation of the mother during pregnancy or feeding, lead to a lack of essential trace elements in the child. This can lead to problems with the development of the baby in the physical and psychological terms.

For the healthy development of the fetus and the further growth of the child, it is necessary to adhere to the diet prescribed by the pediatrician.

Formerly the baby of a famous raw food blogger and online trainer Maxim Lyuty died from exhaustion. A criminal case has been initiated against the child’s mother. The woman is under house arrest.


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