Doctor Dubinin explained why losing weight is useless to count calories

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It is useless to calculate the number of calories consumed, since the calorie content does not depend on the energy value of the product, but on the method of its preparation. In addition, even following the calorie tables, a person still does not know how much energy he ultimately consumed. In order not to gain excess weight, it is enough to adhere to a nutritious diet and play sports, Nikolai Dubinin, a sanitary doctor, epidemiologist, food hygiene expert, told URA.RU.

“Calculating calorie intake is not always necessary for healthy people with an active lifestyle. In addition, the concept of caloric content of products is quite subjective and often depends not on the energy value of the product itself, but on its subsequent processing. It is also difficult to count the number of calories in fats, proteins and carbohydrates, because first of all, a mathematical calculation is taken, and not a chemical one, you may never know how much energy you have consumed, even after calculating everything on a calculator or following calorie tables, ”explained Nikolay Dubinin.

According to the doctor, for a healthy diet, it is enough to follow simple rules. “It is important to stick to a complete diet, which will include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Anyone, even a healthy person, should limit the consumption of trans fats (semi-finished products, fast food), control sugar consumption, avoid sugary carbonated drinks and maintain physical activity, ”the interlocutor of URA.RU specified.

Dubinin noted the importance of a varied diet for the body. “It is not true that the consumption of the well-known chicken breast with buckwheat every day is healthy. Nutrition should be varied, and eating habits should be formed based on the needs of the body, ”summed up the expert.

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