Doctor Bruchikov named the composition of the children’s first aid kit for the holidays


    So that a vacation with small children does not turn into an unexpected ailment, you need to take a special first aid kit with you. This was told by the head of the ambulance department of the Children’s City Hospital No. 1 of St. Petersburg Konstantin Bruchikov.

    First of all, it is worth placing antipyretics and suitable anti-allergy drugs in the first-aid kit. Drops for the nose and ears are also useful. In addition, the means to stop bleeding from cuts and bruises will not be superfluous – adhesive plasters, bandages and peroxide, the TV channel reports. “St. Petersburg”.

    In addition, it is necessary to attend to the purchase of drugs against motion sickness, since this is a fairly common children’s problem. Also, limiting sweets and providing the child with enough water will help prevent nausea on the road.

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