Doctor Bobrovsky suggested using the rule of four “s” when choosing fish

Including fish in the diet helps to increase life expectancy. This was told by the candidate of medical sciences, nutritionist Andrey Bobrovsky.

fish consumptionIt is fish and seafood that are the holy grail that allows you to live long. Why is that? It’s about fat. Fats in fish and seafood are very useful, they prevent the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the appearance of excess weight.“, – said Bobrovsky on the air Radio Sputnik.

According to him, almost any fish is good for health, but it is recommended to choose fish according to the rule of four “c”. Bobrovsky advised buying sardine, herring, herring and mackerel. According to him, you can buy fish at “s” and more expensive, but this is not necessary.


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