Doctor Averbakh reported positive dynamics in the state of figure skater Roman Kostomarov

Global Look Press |  Dmitry Golubovich
Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich

The condition of the Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov will soon stabilize, he underwent a series of blood purification procedures. This was stated by the doctor Lev Averbakh.

As writes “What’s happening”, now doctors can qualitatively purify the patient’s blood without consequences. Much depends on the patient’s condition and the body’s response to treatment. Blood purification is a very serious procedure in medicine, it saves many human lives every year, the expert noted.

According to Averbakh, at the moment the hemodialysis procedure works really effectively. It helps to remove harmful elements of metabolic products from the body, to equalize water and electrolyte balances.

The figure skater could undergo hemodialysis several times, the specialist believes. After the procedure, Kostomarov’s condition stabilizes and the body will be able to fight complications, the speaker added.

It is noted that Roman Kostomarov was hospitalized on January 10. After that, there were reports that his feet were amputated, he suffered two strokes and he developed blood poisoning.


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