Do not use herbs with active essential components

Facial and hair care using home remedies can be dangerous, she warned in a conversation with “” Evgenia Antimirova, medical director of the Esthetic Clinic chain of clinics. She said that you need to be especially careful with pepper masks for hair growth and scrubs with sea salt.

The cosmetologist recommended avoiding the use of herbal products that contain active essential components and vitamins in unlimited quantities. According to her, there are three most common mistakes people make when taking care of themselves. One of them is a careless attitude to the use of sea salt scrubs to stimulate hair growth.

“Sea salt contains many useful minerals and iodine, but in itself it is a fairly large crystal with sharp edges that can damage the scalp,” explained Antimirova.

So on the body due to salt crystals, pustules, scratches, injuries of the scalp can appear, which will lead to inflammation and, as a result, to hair loss.

Secondly, the expert advised to beware of pepper and mustard hair masks, which, due to their warming and irritating effect, increase blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, if you overdo it with the amount, you can get a burn on the scalp.

Thirdly, the expert advised not to go too far with washing and do it no more than twice a day. Ideally – in the morning and in the evening. Otherwise, you can harm the face, for example, “earn” rosacea with the formation of purulent nodes and scars, Antimirova said, recalling a case from her treatment practice.

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