Do not upset farmers of Punjab a border state Sharad Pawar s advise to Center

Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday said the central government should deal with the ongoing protests against the new agricultural laws sensitively and keep in mind that most of the protesters are from Punjab, a border state.

He said that the country has paid the price of disturbing Punjab in the past. He was referring to the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the Khalistani militancy. Pawar was replying to a question related to the months-long farmers’ agitation on the borders of Delhi to reporters in Pimpri. He has also been the Union Defense and Agriculture Minister.

Pawar said, “I went there (at the protest site) two-three times. The stand of the central government does not seem logical. He said, “My advice to the central government is not to disturb the farmers of Punjab, it is a border state. If we harass the farmers and people of the border areas, it will have different consequences.

The NCP chief said, “Our country has paid the price for disturbing Punjab, even (former prime minister) Indira Gandhi lost her life. On the other hand the farmers of Punjab, be they Sikhs or Hindus, they have played a part in the food supply. Don’t have to “That’s why those who make sacrifices have been sitting in protest for a long time over some demands and the country should pay attention to them,” Pawar said.


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