Oncologist and proctologist Elena Smirnova explained what needs to be done for good bowel function and speed up .

In her opinion, every morning should begin with a glass of plain water. However, to add lemon or honey to the liquid, as many people like, is not necessary.

“Lemon can be aggressive for the mucosa, and honey is a” sugar “blow to the pancreas, which in the morning is not ready for such surprises,” the specialist notes.

She also advises performing light exercises to stimulate bowel function.

  1. We stand upright, the back is even, the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders. Hands – above the head, we clutch the fingers so that the inside of the palms is up. We smoothly bend one way, then the other;
  2. We lie on the floor, alternately pulling the legs bent at the knees to the stomach;
  3. We sit on the floor, feet forward, roll over alternately on the buttocks and move forward.

Breakfast should include protein (boiled egg or cottage cheese) or slow carbohydrates (porridge) with the obligatory addition of vegetables.

“Lunch is the most massive meal,” the oncologist writes on Instagram. “There should be protein (meat or fish), slow carbohydrates. An ideal lunch: low-fat soup, meat or fish, a salad of fresh vegetables, vinaigrette.

Snacks are fruits. Ideally – a baked apple, fruit salad with yogurt (unsweetened), kefir with dried fruits.

Dinner is better without complicated side dishes (pasta, rice, buckwheat, and so on). The basis is protein (the same meat or fish), as well as vegetables. For example: chicken, baked cauliflower or vegetable stew. “

It is also recommended to include natural probiotics in the diet: sauerkraut, pickled (moderately) cucumbers, fermented baked milk and Kombucha (if there is no heartburn). In addition, you should drink more plain water throughout the day. Before going to bed, you can drink fresh kefir or yogurt. ⠀