Do Not Bite Your Nails It Can Cause Paronychia Infection Know About This Disease


Paronychia: If you also bite nails with your mouth instead of nail cutter, then be careful, because by doing so you are inviting a serious problem. The habit of chewing nails with the mouth is very unhealthy. According to doctors, due to biting the nails from the mouth, infection of paronychia can arise. It is an infection that develops when bacteria enter and multiply through the scraped skin and nails.

Doctors tell that if the infection persists for a long time and it is not treated, then paronychia causes pus and swelling. Due to this you may feel tired and fever and dizziness may also occur. By the way, paronychia gets cured after treatment. But in many people it comes back again. Doctors say that severe and chronic paronychia infection mostly affects people who have diabetes.

symptoms of paronychia

With the increasing infection of paronychia, the symptoms keep changing every day. Let’s know about its symptoms…

1. reddening of the skin around the nail

2. fragility of skin

3. formation of pus-filled blisters

4. Change in shape, color, and texture of the nail

5. nail breakage

6. pain around the nail

7. high fever and dizziness

Doctors say that if the treatment of paronychia is not done at the right time then the nails may appear abnormally growing. There can also be a change in their colors, such as they can be yellow or green. Not only this, nails can also fall apart from the body.

How to prevent nail infection?

Infection in the nail or the diseases caused by it can be prevented in these ways: –

1. Always apply moisturizer after washing your hands

2. avoid biting or chewing nails

3. Never share your nail cutter with any other person. Always wash the nail cutter after using it.

4. Keep your nails and hands clean and dry.

5. Avoid wetting your hands unnecessarily. Do not put your hand in water for a long time.

6. Keep nails short.

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