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Discussions heated up on BJP MLA’s meeting with Sachin Pilot, Gurdeep Singh Shahpini clarified on the question of leaving the party

Rajasthan News: After the meeting of BJP MLA Gurdeep Singh Shahpini from Sangaria assembly of Hanumangarh with former Deputy Chief Minister and Congress MLA Sachin Pilot on Thursday, the market of rumors remained hot. Gurdeep himself had to give an explanation later in the afternoon amid speculations that the MLA would leave the BJP.


  • BJP MLA Gurdeep Singh Shahpini had come to meet Sachin Pilot on Thursday morning.
  • Political speculation about leaving BJP intensified discussion in political circles
  • After noon the MLA clarified on social media

Shri Ganga Nagar. The movement of MLAs at the official residence of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot was the subject of discussion on Thursday, amidst fears of political crisis once again on the Gehlot government of Rajasthan. More than half a dozen MLAs met Sachin Pilot in the morning amid political excitement. Among them were BJP MLA from Hanumangarh district Gurdeep Singh Shahpini. Since their meeting, discussions about leaving BJP and joining Pilot’s camp have gained momentum. Political factionalism started on the basis of speculations on social media.

Why was there speculation?
BJP MLA from Sangaria Gurdeep Singh Shahpini is considered a farmer leader and has a large number of farmer vote banks in the Sangaria assembly. After this meeting with Sachin Pilot, various discussions started in the political corridors. According to the discussions, due to the pressure of the farmers’ movement, speculations were being made that Gurdeep Singh Shahpini left the BJP and joined Sachin Pilot.

Finally came on social media and clarified like this
MLA Gurdeep Singh Shahpini finally clarified through the Facebook page on the various speculations being made in the political corridors. He said that he is a true soldier of BJP. The MLA wrote in his post that ‘Today, along with Sarpanch Jagdish Saharan Chahuwali and BDO Pilibanga, went to meet Sachin Pilot ji for some administrative work, due to which many rumors are being raised that Sangaria MLA is leaving BJP. I am a true worker of BJP and will remain so. Far from leaving BJP, can’t even imagine leaving. Please don’t pay attention to rumours.

After this clarification of BJP MLA on Facebook, there has been some pause on political discussions but the round of politics is still going on. Political information says that every meeting has some meaning. Now only time will tell what is the meaning of this meeting.

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