Director Svetozarov wished writer Kivinov to make a new revolution in cinema

TASS |  Krasilnikov Stanislav
TASS | Krasilnikov Stanislav

Writer and screenwriter Andrew Kivinov was born on November 25, 1961. The novels, which later served as the basis for the scripts for the first season of the series Streets of Broken Lanterns, brought national recognition to the author. On the writer’s birthday FAN the birthday boy was congratulated by the Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter Dmitry Svetozaroff.

The interlocutor shared his impressions of the filming process of the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”.

“I started working for[producer] Sasha Kapitsa over “Cops”, when we moved away from Kivin’s original source. However, the characters of the main characters created by him, the same four, remained and proved their persuasiveness and novelty in many respects for the television screen. Thanks to these characters, such a success of the series happened, the viewer should be infinitely grateful for them, ”said the film director.

TASS |  Demyanchuk Alexander
TASS | Demyanchuk Alexander

Dmitry Svetozarov also emphasized that the series based on the stories of Andrey Kivinov has undoubtedly become a breath of fresh air for the audience.

“Of course, and like any revolutionary contribution, apparently, the author did not consider it as such and did not suspect it. Such revolutions occur spontaneously, regardless of the circumstances. Just in the right place, at the right time, a person appeared who felt a change, on the one hand, in the interest of the audience, and on the other hand, the need for truth on the screen. Andrei, of course, is distinguished by these qualities, ”explained the interlocutor of the FAN.

In conclusion, he shared his heartfelt wishes for the birthday man.

“Make another revolution. There is a certain stagnation in our serial film production. Because of this, I want a new view of reality, still revolutionary, truthful, bold and, most importantly, artistic, ”summed up the screenwriter.

Frame from the series “Streets of Broken Lights”

Former theater and film director Julius Guzman in an interview with FAN congratulated the TV presenter on his birthday Alexandra Maslyakova. According to the interlocutor, the contribution of this person to domestic television has not yet been appreciated.


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