Director of Boris Moiseev announced the death of the artist

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Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Boris Moiseev died at the age of 69.

This was reported to RIA Novosti by the art director of the singer Sergei Gorokh.

“Yes it is. Today at 2 o’clock, quotes the words of Peas news agency.

According to the director, he came to visit his ward and friend in his Moscow apartment on Krasnoproletarskaya Street. Having found the lifeless body of Boris Moiseev, the director immediately called an ambulance. The medics who arrived at the call pronounced him dead. The reasons for the incident are being established.

It is known that Moiseev hardly rehabilitated after a stroke, which he suffered in 2010. Then he was put into an artificial coma and connected to a ventilator. After that, the artist was treated for a long time in the USA, and no longer returned to stage activity.

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