Dinosaurs: Paleontologist Vincent Unearthed 30 Ton ‘Long Necks’ in Niger

DISCOVERY Brut, partner of “20 Minutes”, meets a fossil exhumation enthusiast

Dinosaurs: Vincent, paleontologist , unearthed “long necks” 30 tons” in Niger

Middle Jurassic (160 million years ago) Spinophorosaurus sauropod dinosaur excavations from Agadez, Niger as part of a paleontology development project — UNED/Niger 02/Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.0

Did you know that finding dinosaur remains is like that… mushrooms? “Either you see them on the surface, or you have to dig a little to find them, confirms Vincent Reneleau, paleontologist. It’s quite simple, with a trained eye, to spot bones. Çit could be a femur, a piece of vertebra, anything… The object of the game is precisely to determine whether it is an isolated bone. or if we really have a complete skeleton.

A skeleton 15 meters long

The young man has been a volunteer at the CR2P, the Paleontology Research Center in Paris, since 2017. For a month, he lived an extraordinary experience since he took part in the to the discovery of many fossilized bones near Agadez, Niger. “I just dug up a 15 meter long dinosaur there, which must have weighed between 25 and 30 tonnes when it was alive! It’s at about the weight of six or seven African elephants,” he enthuses.

“We are all motivated by scientific issues and media that such a discovery represents, explains Vincent Reneleau. It’s normal, because these absolutely extraordinary animal bones will go around the world. Besides fossils of this quality, it’s not every day that you find them!”.

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