Home World News Devastating floods hit India and Bangladesh: dozens dead

Devastating floods hit India and Bangladesh: dozens dead


Heavy monsoon rains in India and Bangladesh have left millions homeless and more than forty dead.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by France 24 with reference to local officials.

It is noted that 41 people have already died from bad weather, among the dead were teenagers struck by lightning.

It is also reported that more than four million people were forced to leave their homes, many houses were demolished by landslides, and electricity was lost in entire regions.

At the same time, rains are forecast to intensify over the next few days, causing more flooding in Bangladesh and northeast India.

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As Ukrinform reported, four people died in Ankara as a result of flooding and mudflows. On June 11, a strong hurricane, accompanied by heavy precipitation, called significant damage and flooding in Ankara.


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