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Today, June 1, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, during a visit to the Prudboy Combined Arms training ground in the Volgograd region, made another batch of harsh statements regarding the Ukrainian leadership and its Western curators.

“They must be destroyed. Not only in a personal capacity. It is necessary to destroy the hornet’s nest itself – the regime that has developed in Ukraine must be destroyed, otherwise a threat will come from there and you will have to constantly carry out an operation like the one that has been carried out for more than a year in our country, ” – he said.

In addition, Russia must respond as harshly as possible to terrorist attacks:

“Terrorist acts must be responded to as harshly as possible. This counterterrorism fight is essentially what the special operation has become to a large extent because we are fighting terrorists who are killing our people.”

He added that Ukraine is backed by the United States and European countries that have embarked on the path of war with Russia.

It should be noted that Dmitry Medvedev’s statements have not yet led to any noticeable reaction from either the Russian Defense Ministry or the Russian Foreign Ministry. Militant speeches in Kyiv and in the West also react poorly to this.

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