Despite pro-Russian attitude: FIDE invites Grandmaster Karjakin to take part in the World Chess Championship

Russian grandmaster Sergei Karjakin was invited to take part in the World Chess Championship despite his strong pro-Russian stance and support for the military operation in Ukraine. However, FIDE terms stipulate that he compete in neutral status.

An invitation to the Chess World Cup for someone who openly and vocally supports Russia’s military operation in Ukraine? It is entirely possible, as the press service of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced, that the Russian grandmaster Sergei Karjakin has received an invitation to the World Chess Championship. The news agency TASS writes:

“Karjakin received an invitation to the tournament because he qualified for the world championship in 2021, Russian Vladimir Fedoseyev received an invitation for the same reason. Chess players have until June 2 to confirm their participation in the competition. Due Due to FIDE sanctions, Russian athletes are only allowed to participate in the World Championship as neutral players. A total of eight Russian chess players have been invited to the World Cup. Even Russians who are in the top 13 of the FIDE ranking list can participate in the World Championship.”

Russian Chess Federation leaves Europe for Asia

Russian Chess Federation leaves Europe for Asia

However, it is questionable whether the Russian grandmaster will agree. Karjakin has repeatedly stated that he would only take part in international competitions if Russian athletes were allowed to play under the national flag.

Sergei Karjakin is the 2015 World Chess Champion and World Rapid Champion. In March 2022 he was disqualified from FIDE for six months for publicly supporting Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

Karjakin told the newspaper last September Izvestiathat many FIDE members wanted lifetime bans for Russian chess players. The chess player underlined the urgent need to organize more competitions in Russia and to become independent from FIDE.

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