Dermatologist Galliamova: what infections are on the towel

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    The towel collects infections and mites, so untimely replacement can lead to suppuration at the site of wounds in humans. Dermatologist, Professor of the Department of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Doctor of Medical Sciences Yulia Galliamova told URA.RU about this.

    “It could be pustular disease. If you have a minor wound on your face, for example, a mosquito has bitten, then a dirty towel will allow bacteria to penetrate inside and we will get a purulent wound. Streptoderma is a frequent occurrence in children, because their skin is not perfect, their defenses are not the same as in adults. It’s just because of poor hygiene. In adults, it can be such strepdothermia as seizures in the corners of the mouth, ”said Yulia Galliamova.

    “Staphylococci join and pustular diseases join, quite persistent. Thirdly, such a terrible mite that scares everyone, demodex, lives perfectly on oily skin. And if there is also a wet towel and one of the family members is infected with demodex, it can be transmitted through it to another family member, ”added the agency’s interlocutor. In addition, herpes, eye infections, can be transmitted through a towel, said the doctor of medical sciences.

    Dermatologist Galliamova advised changing towels as often as possible to avoid encountering infections. “We can proceed from generally accepted hygiene rules that the towel should be changed at least once a week. Or even once every three days. If we mean a face towel, then it needs to be changed every 3-7 days. It depends on how wet the bath is. There are bathrooms very damp, with fungus, unventilated, and everything settles on the towel. Secondly, if you have problems with your face, that is, there are purulent rashes, then it is recommended to change the towel almost every day, ”said the agency’s interlocutor.

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