Deputy Sukharev pointed to the need for free medical and military training courses

Moscow Agency |  Sandurskaya Sofia
Moscow Agency | Sandurskaya Sofia

Free military and medical training courses for ordinary Russians must be created in Russia. The MP came up with this initiative. Ivan Sukharev. He wrote about the importance of such measures in a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov.

According to the parliamentarian, today many would like to take such courses. The high demand is due to the fact that in the wake of a special military operation, Russians would like to know more about these disciplines.

Sukharev is confident that the initiative will be able to meet people’s need for such knowledge, reports RT. In addition, the courses will help instill patriotism and courage.

The deputy urged to consider the proposal and give an official response of the Government of the Russian Federation to this question.

It is noteworthy that earlier the State Duma drew attention to the situation with the strikes of employees of the Wildberries marketplace. Deputy Mikhail Delyagin pointed out the need to regulate the marketplace market. The authorities are ready to deal with this issue in working mode.


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