Deputy Solovyov proposed to give reservations from mobilization to cultural figures

Deputy Solovyov proposed to give reservations from mobilization to cultural figures

Sergei Solovyov.
© press service of the State Duma

In Russia, it is necessary to “reserve” from the partial mobilization of cultural figures and folk artists, said Sergei Solovyov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Culture, in an interview with

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization. According to the Ministry of Defense, those who have served, have a military specialty and combat experience, are subject to it. About 300,000 reservists are involved in partial mobilization. Later, the Ministry of Digital Transformation published a list of 195 specialties in the field of IT and communications that are exempt from mobilization.

“In many sectors of the economy, especially in the defense industry, IT and others, there is an opportunity to “book” the most sought-after specialists. In my opinion, it is necessary to develop such mechanisms for cultural figures, folk artists. This issue has already been discussed at our State Duma Committee on Culture,” Soloviev said. The deputy noted that some theaters will have to change their repertoires due to the participation of young actors in a special operation.

On October 5, Putin signed a decree according to which a deferment from partial mobilization is granted to several more categories of citizens from among students of higher educational institutions. “Parliamentary newspaper” figured out who was entitled to a delay, taking into account the new decree.

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