Deputy Pyotr Tolstoy announced the submission to the State Duma of a bill banning gender reassignment surgeries

Deputies from all factions of the State Duma submitted to the Parliament a draft law that prohibits sex reassignment operations, and also excludes the registration of sex reassignment without surgery, said Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy in Telegram.

“Together with colleagues – deputies from all factions of the State Duma, they introduced a draft law establishing a complete ban on medical interventions aimed at gender reassignment, as well as excluding state registration of gender reassignment without surgery. Almost 400 parliamentarians became its authors,” wrote Pyotr Tolstoy.

According to the bill, the ban will not affect situations where surgery is needed to treat congenital anomalies in children. Moreover, even in this case, the medical intervention must be approved by the medical commission of the federal state institution, and not by one doctor, Mr. Tolstoy emphasized.

Petr Tolstoy noted that a special contribution to the development of the bill was made by the inter-factional group for the protection of Christian values, vice-speakers Irina Yarovaya and Vladislav Davankov, as well as State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

The head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, Nina Ostanina, told Kommersant in early May that amendments would be made to the State Duma in the near future to prohibit official sex change without a surgical operation. Earlier, the Ministry of Justice came up with such an initiative. A Kommersant source in the Duma explained that the attention of lawmakers was attracted by the increasing cases when young people use gender reassignment certificates to avoid being drafted into military service.

Read more about the bill in the material “The Duma puts the sexual question squarely.”

Erdni Kagaltynov

Erdni Kagaltynov


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