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Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine calls Minsk agreements useless

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Aleksei Rejnikov described the Minsk agreements as useless from an international legal standpoint. He said this during an online discussion at the Kiev Security Forum.

“I fully support the conclusion <…> Regarding the futility in the context of the evaluation of the Minsk agreements as an international legal treaty. These are political compromises, ”said Resnikov.

Ukraine accuses Russia of violating Minsk agreements

According to him, the agreement expired in late 2015, and Ukraine could theoretically withdraw from them at any time.

However, he said, Kiev is ready to use Minsk as a compromise platform.

In the spring of 2014, Kiev launched a military campaign against the LPR and the DPR, which declared independence after the coup in the country.

Settlement of civil conflict is discussed in contact group meetings in Minsk. The major document governing the de-escalation steps is the Minsk Agreement. However, Kiev refuses to fulfill its conditions under various prefixes.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had threatened to back down from peace talks on Donbas as well as from the Minsk agreements. In addition, he stressed the need to review the terms of the agreements.

At the “Norman Summit” in Paris, Zelensky said that he carried out Ukrainian military transfer control over the border with Russia before the election in Donbas. Vladimir Putin responded by stating that the Minsk agreement provides for the holding of elections first, and then a decision on the border. He said that it is impossible to rewrite them, because all the points are connected and you can lose everything.

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