Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan goes to the burnt Kurgan village of Yuldus

Yuldus village.  Mound, burnt house, fire consequences, yuldus

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Spring fires in the Kurgan region 2023

Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Vasil Shaykhraziev arrived in the Kurgan region to meet with the fire victims of the village of Yuldus. The fire, which destroyed 228 houses and claimed the lives of seven people, happened on May 7th. Only a few houses and a mosque did not burn down. Fire victims complained about the lack of assistance from local authorities. The government of Tatarstan responded and helped the victims. Trucks with humanitarian aid have been sent to Uldus. How is the meeting between Shaikhraziev and the victims of the fire – read in the online broadcast URA.RU.


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