Deputy of the State Duma reminded summer residents about the consequences of land squatting

Alexey Orlov in SNT Berezka.  Yekaterinburg, vegetable garden, dacha, country house, garden

Based on the legislation, fight against self-occupation of land by neighbors, even if no one uses it for a long time. How to do this was told by State Duma Deputy from the Communist Party Sergei Gavrilov.

“If you are the owner, and you saw that the neighbor moved the fence without agreement, thereby increasing his plot at the expense of your land, you need to contact him with a request to restore the old borders. If a refusal follows, then you need to contact the Rosreestr department at the location of the site – inspectors for the use and protection of land will conduct an inspection and issue an order to eliminate offenses, ”the politician says in an interview with RIA Novosti. Gavrilov added that it is necessary to continue to defend their rights in court, if the neighbors-invaders are not convinced by the first solution to the problem.

Gavrilov noted that squatting is punishable by a fine of at least five thousand rubles. And its value will reach 1.5% of the cadastral value of the “captured” land.

Earlier, Rosreestr warned the Russians about the fines that threaten summer residents for unauthorized seizure of vacant land. According to Alexander Levchenkov, Deputy Head of Rosreestr’s Department for Moscow, the trend of land squatting is not decreasing.


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