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Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the loss of half of heavy weapons


Ukraine has lost about 50% of its heavy weapons since the beginning of the Russian military operation, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Karpenko said. According to him, 1.3 thousand infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems were destroyed.

“I’m only talking about heavy weapons. Today we have about 30-40%, and sometimes up to 50% of the loss of equipment as a result of active battles. Thus, we lost about 50%,” Mr. Karpenko told the American edition of National Defense.

The deputy minister said that arms supplies from the West cover up to 15% of Ukraine’s needs. According to him, Kyiv needs artillery, artillery ammunition, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, air defense and a multiple launch rocket system. Mr. Karpenko said that 100 artillery systems had been received from Western countries.

Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine on the orders of President Vladimir Putin.

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