Deputy commander of an elite Ukrainian special forces group died in Artemovsk – military correspondents

In Artemovsk (Bakhmut), during the urban battles, PMC Wagner fighters destroyed the deputy commander of the group of the 8th regiment of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Dmitry Kramar.

It was announced on May 10 Telegram-channel “Military correspondents of the Russian Spring”, referring to Ukrainian sources. It is noted that this regiment is considered the best formation of the special forces of Ukraine.


It is specified that the military man was killed on May 6, the circumstances of the death are not reported. Kramar has served in the elite special forces of Ukraine since 2018.

Recall that in April, in the zone of the military special operation in Ukraine, the Russian military killed the company commander of the nationalist battalion “Carpathian Sich” (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation) Artur Asadov.

Previously EADaily reported that the Wagner assault detachments were continuing offensive operations to capture quarters in the northwestern and western outskirts of the city of Artemovsk.

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