Deputies of the Kurgan city left the meeting so as not to vote for the city hall project

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Two deputies of the Shadrinsk City Duma (Kurgan region), Alexander Bukharov and Yulia Galieva, left the meeting of the Duma commission on urban development, which was held on November 7, so as not to vote for the mayor’s project on amending the rules of improvement. Bukharov himself told a URA.RU correspondent about this.

“Deputy Yulia Galieva and I left the commission meeting due to the fact that a draft amendment to the landscaping rules was brought up for discussion. Previously, deputies rejected it and sent it for revision due to the fact that it was “raw,” having established that within two weeks deputies, the Public Chamber and interested parties could make their proposals and adjustments, but instead of waiting for the deadline for accepting proposals, they brought it to the meeting today without collecting all the proposals,” Bukharov said. According to him, comments and recommendations on the project should have been submitted from October 25 to November 8 inclusive. Also, according to his information, this project could not be considered before the ninth.

The press service of the Shadrinsk mayor’s office URA.RU responded to a request on the topic. “On November 7, the deputies did not gather and could not legally vote for the project, because the documents did not pass the examination of the prosecutor’s office. This information was conveyed to the deputies present. If someone was absent or left the commission, he might not know about it. The people’s representatives will return to consider the project after receiving an inspection report from the supervisory authorities,” the press service writes. The correspondent also tried to contact the chairman of the Shadrinsk City Duma, Vladimir Pikalin, but the call was not answered.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that a meeting of the City Duma in Shadrinsk was disrupted due to the absence of the leadership. According to Bukharov, the chairman of the City Duma, Vladimir Pikalin, and his deputy, Alexander Savin, were unable to attend the meeting, and according to the charter, it was impossible to hold a meeting without their participation.

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