The Danish government has decided to open borders from 15 June for tourists from , Germany and , while visitors will not be able to stay overnight in Copenhagen and other major cities, the country’s health minister Magnus Höynike said on Friday.

“One of the conditions under which we allow entry from Germany, Iceland and Norway is that tourists will not be able to stay overnight in Copenhagen and other big cities. You can come there to have dinner at a restaurant, but you must spend the night in another place.” – said Hoynike during a press conference.

In order to enter the country, tourists will have to book a hotel outside of Copenhagen in advance and demonstrate supporting documents. Danish citizens will also be able to visit these countries, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend traveling to other destinations until August 31.

At the same time, Denmark, like Norway, has not yet begun to open borders with neighboring . The epidemiological situation in is different from the situation of its closest neighbors. More than 4 thousand people have already died from coronavirus, while in Denmark and Norway 565 and 235, respectively. At the same time, the Swedish government refused to impose strict quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus, for which it was repeatedly criticized.