Denmark showed how $540 million worth of gas comes out of Nord Stream — EADaily, September 27, 2022 — Politics, Russia News

The Danish Ministry of Defense released photos and video gas leaks on the Baltic gas pipelines from Russia to Germany near the island of Bornholm.

“After the discovery of three gas leaks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, no-go zones were created around them to ensure the safety of navigation and air traffic,” according to the Danish Ministry of Defense. The agency specified that the leaks were discovered by a response team from F-16 fighters, and the videos and pictures were taken from a rescue helicopter.

“The frigate Absalon and the environmental vessel Gunnar Torson are on their way for maritime surveillance in restricted areas. The military sent a helicopter. In addition, the Rota patrol ship has been in the area since last night,” the Danish defense ministry said in a statement.

Yesterday, September 26, gas leaks were discovered on line A of Nord Stream 2 and both lines of Nord Stream near Bornholm Island. Operator Nord Stream AG reported that the damage was unprecedented.

“It is too early to draw conclusions, but it is an extraordinary situation that there are three leaks at once. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that this is a coincidence,” said Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

German media report that the German government is leaning towards the version of sabotage.

Deputy Director of the FNEB Alexey Grivach says that each of the three lines of gas pipelines contains about 100 million cubic meters. Today, their value in the European market is $ 540 million.

Points of damage on the Nord Stream with clarifications from the Danish Maritime Administration. Illustration:

Point of damage on Nord Stream 2 with clarifications from the Danish Maritime Administration. Illustration:

As reported EADaily , during the day, a gas leak was recorded on both Baltic gas pipelines from Russia to Germany. Nord Stream did not work, but could resume Russian gas supplies to Germany and other EU countries. State of emergency, very similar to sabotage, buried this possibility. Someone is trying to disrupt any possibility of restoring ties between the EU and Russia, experts say.

It is noteworthy that this area is very popular among Polish yachtsmen and fishermen, and the depth of the Baltic Sea here does not exceed 50 meters. Dozens of Polish ships fish around the island, and they could well be used by saboteurs. Theoretically, the fishermen could touch the gas pipelines with a trawl, but they were unlikely to be able to damage them because of the rather powerful protection. For example, concrete pipes were used during construction. In some sections, the pipeline was backfilled to ensure its safety and stability.

The area near Bornholm Island is also known for the fact that it was in this area during the construction of Nord Stream 2 that an emergency occurred and even an unknown submarine was discovered.

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