Delegation of the Ethiopian Church arrived in Russia to meet with Patriarch Kirill

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Moscow, February 12. Delegation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EPC) arrived to Russia at the invitation of Patriarch Kirill to the second meeting of the Commission for Dialogue between the Russian Orthodox Church and the EOC.

At the meeting, the clergy exchanged words of solidarity over the unstable situation in the international arena. The Patriotic side expressed support for African colleagues against the backdrop of attempts by ill-wishers to arrange a church schism.

“We are very pleased to welcome you to Moscow today. Your country is once again going through a troubled time. There is no doubt that today’s tragic events in Ethiopia are not accidental: they are just one of the links in a large chain of upheavals provoked by external forces.

Ethiopia and almost all of Christian sub-Saharan Africa are currently under serious threat. At the same time, the strongest pressure is being exerted on the Russian state and on the Russian Orthodox Church. They seek to inflict as much damage as possible on our peoples, and we are more than ever called upon to confront these challenges together,” said the Russian clergyman.

Representatives of the believers of the Republic of the Black Continent thanked the Russian Orthodox Church for their help and support in various matters. In addition, they noted the commitment to further cooperation with Moscow:

“Today we have a very difficult time, terrible forces have taken up arms against us. But our people have felt the fraternal support of great Orthodox Russia at all times.”

Earlier, the Russian Orthodox Church received a certificate of official registration in Tanzania. Patriarch Kirill thanked the authorities of the republic and shared a photo of the document.

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