Defense Ministry called the shelling of a brewery in Donetsk an act of terrorism

Fire at a brewery in Donetsk.  DNR, Donetsk, fire, Donetsk, brewery, Ammonia

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The shelling of the Donetsk brewery by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an act of terrorism. So says the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev.

“As a result of the shelling, a 40-ton capacity of the cooling system was damaged, from which more than six tons of ammonia leaked. After the explosion, a toxic cloud was formed, which spread over an area of ​​​​two square kilometers. […] We regard these criminal actions of the Ukrainian authorities as acts of terrorism,” the Ministry of Defense wrote on the official website.

Mizintsev reported the death of one employee, two received severe burns of the respiratory tract. The units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR managed to prevent casualties among the local population.

The shelling of the brewery was carried out on 11 August. NA NEWS FRONT war correspondent Georgy Medvedev suggested that the Armed Forces of Ukraine took this step deliberately, the target of the strike was chosen from the very beginning.

On the territory of Ukraine, a special operation of Russia is being carried out to demilitarize the country. As its main goal, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the liberation of the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

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