Defense Arabia: France gave almost all of its artillery to Ukraine

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    Russian special operation in Ukraine

    France will have to buy Caesar self-propelled guns to replace the artillery sent to Ukraine. This is reported by the Defense Arabia portal.

    “The French Ministry of Defense requested the purchase of 18 Caesar guns instead of 18 pieces delivered to Ukraine, which led to a reduction in the stocks of such equipment by almost a quarter. A few days ago, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastian Locorno, told the Senate that 85 million euros would be allocated to replace the 18 Caesar, ”writes Defense Arabia.

    The French manufacturer group Nexter announced earlier that artillery will be delivered to the army no later than the summer of 2024. The sale was accelerated, the newspaper notes. It will take 18 months to produce one copy. Before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the French army had 76 155-mm Caesar guns. In February, Prime Minister Jean Castex signed a €600 million contract with Nexter to develop an armored and upgraded version of the Caesar NG, to be delivered from 2026.

    Western countries are sending weapons to Ukraine in connection with a special operation that has been taking place since February 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the purpose of the special operation is to help the Donbass.

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