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After all, how do Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone deal with controversies?

New Delhi:

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and actor Shah Rukh Khan are basking in the success of their film Pathan these days. Before the release, both these actors had to face a lot of controversies regarding the song Besharam Rang. Not only this, many cases were also registered against the film Pathan due to this song. But now Deepika Padukone has told how she and Shah Rukh Khan deal with any controversy. Deepika Padukone has recently given an interview to the English website India Today.

In this interview, the actress talked a lot about the success of the film Pathan, Shahrukh Khan and controversies. Deepika Padukone said, ‘I can say this for both of us that we do not know any other way for this to happen. I think it’s just who we are as people and the way we come from our respective families.

The actress further said, ‘We came here (in Mumbai) alone with only dreams and aspirations. All we know is commitment, hard work and humility, and it has gotten us to where we are. Some of this experience comes with maturity. Deepika Padukone was a national level badminton player before stepping into the acting world. In such a situation, he said, ‘We both have been athletes. I know he used to play games in school and college. Sports teaches you a lot about restraint. Like I said, I don’t know any other way. This comes across as not responding. But turning off the noise comes from knowing your truth and just patience and humility.

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