Deepak Tijori was to do Baazigar with Pooja Bhatt reveals after 29 years how smartly pulled out for shah rukh khan

The one who wins after losing is called Baazigar. This dialogue captured the hearts and minds of every Bollywood fan. This is the dialogue which took Bollywood’s ‘King’ Shahrukh Khan’s career to new heights. But there is such an actor in Bollywood who was supposed to do this role of Shahrukh Khan in the film ‘Baazigar’. But this role went out of his hands and then Shahrukh Khan played it. Even today that actor regrets missing this role.

Deepak Tijori is that actor of the 90s, who did many films. People know him for his negative characters. He has one big regret of his life. Deepak regrets that his idea got out of hand and Shahrukh Khan became a superstar. In a recent interview, he expressed his pain remembering that story.

regret missing a movie
Deepak Tijori was about to work in Abbas-Mustan’s film ‘Baazigar’. He also got the offer of this film, but after that Shah Rukh Khan entered the film. Told during the interview that he regrets losing just one film in his life.

Deepak Tijori had the idea of ​​’Baazigar’
He told, the idea of ​​’Baazigar’ was mine. I saw the Hollywood film ‘A Kiss Before Dying’. I also wanted to do such a role. Because Matt Dillon played the role of Bad Boy in this film, which I liked a lot.

Abbas-Mustan were ready as soon as they heard the story
I had seen the Hollywood film ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ and had only narrated it to Abbas Mustan. I wanted to play the role of a bad boy on the lines of that film, although luck probably had something else in store. When Abbas Mustan heard the script, he agreed to do the film. Abbas-Mustan liked the script and agreed to do it. At the same time, Pahlaj Nihalani also joined them. Pahlaj also gave the green signal to the project.

Pooja Bhatt got the role!
Deepak Tijori named Pooja Bhatt as the female lead while playing a double role. Then Pahlaj Nihalani told me that Abbas Mustan has approached Shah Rukh Khan to play the lead role in this film and the producer is also someone else. He further told in this conversation that at first I could not believe after listening to Pahlaj Nihalani. I told him that this cannot happen, because this story is mine.

Pahlaj Nihalani gave this offer
Pahlaj Nihalani had offered Deepak Tijori that if he wanted, along with Pooja Bhatt, he would take another director and release a film on it before Abbas-Mustan. But Deepak did not want to do any such thing. So he talked to Abbas-Mustan and started waiting for the project which he never got.

Abbas-Mustan had apologized
He also shared the discussion on this issue with Abbas-Mustan. He told that my friendship with Shah Rukh Khan was also very good. That’s why I refused to do the role. When I met Abbas-Mustan, they accepted their mistake and promised me that in future they would shoot some film with me. But for the rest of my life I will regret that I missed a role like Baazigar.

great actors of the 90s
Let us tell you that Deepak Tijori is one of the brilliant actors of the 90s, he gave great performances in films like ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’, ‘Aashiqui’ and settled in the hearts of the fans.

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