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Deaths from Corona scare, new cases less than 1 lakh, but deaths are more than 3400, know what are the figures

There is a steady decrease in the cases of corona in India, but the figures of deaths are increasing the fear. In the last one day, 91,702 new cases have been found, while 3,403 deaths have occurred in the same period. Even though new cases of corona have remained at less than 1 lakh for the last 4 days, but this figure of deaths is worrying. It is noteworthy that even when the number of new corona cases was close to three lakhs, the death toll was still the same. This shows that even though the rate of spread of corona infection has slowed down, but its firepower is very high.

However, in the meantime, the news of relief is that the number of active cases of corona in the country has reduced rapidly to 11,21,671. In the last one day itself, there has been a decrease of 46,281 in active cases. This is the fourth consecutive day when the number of new cases of corona has been registered below 1 lakh. So far 2.77 crore people have recovered from Corona in the country. In the last one day itself, 1,34,580 people have defeated Corona. This figure is close to one and a half times the number of newly found cases. Apart from this, for the 29th consecutive day, when the number of new cases is less than those recovering.

Apart from the figures of deaths, there is continuous relief from Corona in the country. The recovery rate has increased to 94.93%. Apart from this, the weekly positivity rate has also remained at 5.14 percent. The daily positivity rate has also come down to 4.49%. It has remained less than 10 per cent for 18 consecutive days. The situation has also improved due to the rapidly increasing vaccination in the country and restrictions to deal with the corona. So far, 246 crore vaccines have been administered in the country.


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