Death toll in Colombia prison fire rises to 53


    The death toll from a fire in a prison in the Colombian city of Tulua has risen to 53 people, according to Xinhua, citing figures from the Colombian Justice Ministry.

    Several more prisoners were reported to have died from their burns in the days following the fire. At the same time, a number of convicts are in intensive care units in serious condition. Their number is not specified.

    The Colombian Ministry of Justice stressed that most of the prisoners died from poisoning by combustion products. The cause of the fire, according to the preliminary version, was the rebellion of two prisoners who set fire to the mattress. After that, the fire began to spread throughout the correctional facility, which contains 180 people.

    As reported IA REGNUM, a fire in a prison in the city of Tulua in southwestern Colombia occurred on June 29. According to the first data, 49 people became victims of the incident.

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