Dearness Allowance may increase by 4%, may be announced on March 1. Central employees may get good news soon, dearness allowance may increase soon, may increase by 4%

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  • Central Employees May Get Good News Soon, Dearness Allowance May Increase Soon, May Increase By 4%

The dearness allowance (DA) received by central employees may increase soon. According to media reports, the government may take a decision on increasing DA in the cabinet meeting to be held on March 1. Government can increase DA by 4%. If this happens, his dearness allowance will increase from 38% to 42%. This will benefit about 52 lakh central employees and 60 lakh pensioners.

What is dearness allowance?
Dearness Allowance is such money that is given to government employees to maintain their standard of living despite the increase in inflation. This money is given to government employees, public sector employees and pensioners. Its calculation is done every 6 months according to the current inflation of the country. It is calculated according to the basic pay of the employees on the basis of the respective pay scale. Dearness Allowance may be different for employees in urban, semi-urban or rural areas.

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How is dearness allowance calculated?
A formula has been given to determine the dearness allowance. This is the formula for central government employees [(पिछले 12 महीने के ऑल इंडिया कंज्यूमर प्राइस इंडेक्स (AICPI) का औसत – 115.76)/115.76]×100. Now if we talk about dearness allowance of people working in PSU (Public Sector Units), then the method of its calculation is- Dearness Allowance percentage = (Average of consumer price index of last 3 months (Base year 2001 = 100)- 126.33))x100

What is All India Consumer Price Index?
There are two types of inflation in India. One is retail i.e. retail and the other is wholesale inflation. The retail inflation rate is based on the prices quoted by the general consumers. It is also called the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

How much will be the benefit after DA?
For this fill your salary in the following formula..(Basic Pay + Grade Pay) × DA % = DA Amount

If you understand in simple language, then the rate of dearness allowance is multiplied in the salary which is made after adding grade salary to the basic salary. The result that comes is called Dearness Allowance (DA). Now let’s understand it with an example, suppose your basic salary is 10 thousand rupees and grade pay is 1000 rupees.

On adding both the total became 11 thousand rupees. Now in terms of the increased 42% dearness allowance, it becomes Rs 4,620. Including all your total salary was Rs 15,620. Earlier, in terms of 38% DA, you were getting a salary of Rs 15,180. That is, after increasing DA by 4%, there will be a benefit of Rs 440 every month.

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