Daughter of the late creator of the brand “B. Y. Alexandrov” plans to continue the family business

wikipedia.org |  Johannes Maximilian/GFDL 1.2
wikipedia.org | Johannes Maximilian/GFDL 1.2

The daughter of the creator of the brand “B. Yu. Alexandrov intends to launch its own production of dairy products. In an interview with Forbes, Ekaterina Aleksandrova said that the plant is already ready to launch products.

It is planned to start production in early 2023. Among other goods, Ekaterina plans to continue the production of glazed curds using her father’s technologies.

Recall that Boris Alexandrov passed away in 2020. For some time cheese brand “B. Yu. Aleksandrov” were still produced, but soon Ekaterina Aleksandrova filed a lawsuit for illegal use of the brand. After that, the products began to be labeled with the name of the legal entity of the Rostagrokompleks plant.


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