Danish soldiers became victims of their own heat guns

DR: Danish soldiers in Latvia suffered from exposure to heat guns

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Danish soldiers suffered during the NATO mission in Latvia. The soldiers were trapped in their own equipment – diesel heat guns, which heated their tents, polluted the air. This turned out to be extremely dangerous for the health of the fighters themselves, the publication reported. D. R. Nyheder.

Soldiers used heat guns to keep warm during the “cold Latvian winter”. However, the heater not only heated the air flows, but also polluted it. A high concentration of harmful substances was recorded in the tents of the military and in the surrounding area.

“It is clear that Danish soldiers should not live in tents with air pollution. Neither on a mission, nor in the course of training, ”said Troels Lund Poulsen, Acting Minister of Defense of the country.

The department has launched an investigation. The Danish Soldiers’ Union was extremely dissatisfied with what had happened. However, the association noted: “We are glad that the problem is finally being solved.”

Earlier, as part of NATO missions, the Spanish Air Force sent its largest transport aircraft, the Airbus A400M, to Estonia.


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