Dangerous show. Biden’s political technologists will seek to further drop Trump’s approval rating

Volodin: Biden’s political strategists need Trump’s high anti-rating

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US President Joe Biden’s political technologists will continue to do everything possible to drop the rating of the country’s ex-leader Donald Trump. There will be many more absurd accusations against the politician ahead, said in Telegram Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

He drew attention to the fact that a US court found Trump guilty in the case of the attempted rape of the writer and journalist Jeanne Carroll in 1996.

And although the jury concluded that there was no rape, they still decided to pay compensation. We are talking about the amount of five million dollars: two million as part of the settlement of the lawsuit, as well as another three million for defamation and damage to the reputation of Caroll.

“But the more absurd the accusations against the former US president (and there will be many more), the stronger the core of his supporters rallies and mobilizes,” Volodin stressed.

According to him, Biden’s political technologists need Trump to go from the Republican Party to the presidential election. The current leader of the country simply cannot win another candidate. And for this to work for sure, you need to achieve a high anti-rating of your opponent.

“The presidential election campaign in the United States is turning into a circus,” he stated.

The speaker of the State Duma added that what was happening could be observed calmly, if not for one thing, but this dangerous show is taking place in a country with an issuing center of the world reserve currency and nuclear weapons.


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