Damage from drone attacks can be compensated from the reserve fund

The damage to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region from the attack of Ukrainian drones can be compensated from the reserve fund, since it is this fund that is the source of payments in case of emergencies. This was stated by lawyer Sergei Gaevsky.

“The source of compensation in connection with emergencies, as a rule, is the reserve fund created in the structure of the budget of the corresponding level. Accordingly, the procedure, amounts and types of compensation are established by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” said the expert in an interview with RIAMO.

According to him, compensations are primarily regulated by the Federal Law “On the Protection of the Population and Territories from Natural and Technogenic Emergencies.” In particular, article 18 of this document states that a citizen has the right to compensation for damage received as a result of an emergency.

In addition, as the lawyer pointed out, since December 2019, it has become possible to receive compensation in the amount of 50 thousand rubles for partially damaged property or in the amount of 100 thousand rubles for completely lost property. And according to the law, a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles per person is required. To complete all the necessary applications, you must submit an appropriate application through the State Services, or you can apply directly to the MFC with such a request.


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