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Daily Express: journalist Hussein besieged British Foreign Minister Truss with one question about Russia

globallookpress.com/Ian Davidson/Keystone Press Agency
globallookpress.com/Ian Davidson/Keystone Press Agency

A journalist from the BBC TV channel stunned British Foreign Minister Liz Truss with a question about Russia, and also pointed out the hypocrisy of the authorities. This was announced by the British correspondents of the Daily Express.

Recently, the British Government unveiled a bill that would remove the provision of the Northern Ireland Protocol. This means that Northern Ireland is required to adhere to EU trade rules even after Brexit. Journalist Mishal Hussein discussed this point with Truss, asking the minister an uncomfortable question that shocked the politician. Details are provided by the publicationPolitRussia“.

Hussein was outraged by the bill signed earlier, because it contradicted the London agreements. After that, she asked her interlocutor how London would maintain contacts with Moscow if it was unable to comply with its own agreements, which shocked politics.

“What are you going to do the next time you have to say harsh words about a country like Russia? Tell them to operate within the rule of law, but then they will strike back. They will say that you yourself do not want to comply with your agreements, ”commented the correspondent.

Earlier, the inhabitants of Britain ridiculed Liz Truss for her helplessness before the DPR court, which sentenced British mercenaries Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin to death.



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