Czech Senate Commission agreed on the need to remove powers from President Zeman


    The Constitutional Commission of the Czech Senate discussed the health situation of the President of the Republic Milos Zeman. After reviewing the relevant document, the members of the commission suggested starting the procedure for depriving Mr. Zeman of his presidential powers due to the impossibility of their implementation. The Senate is expected to vote on the issue on November 5.

    “The members of our commission got acquainted in detail with the document on the state of health of the President of the Republic Milos Zeman, which was sent to the Senate by the leadership of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where, as you know, Mr. President is now undergoing treatment,” said the head of the commission Zdenek Graba ( translation “RIA News”). According to him, the document says that the president is not able to fulfill his official duties, and due to the nature of the disease, the long-term forecast of the president’s condition is assessed as extremely uncertain. “In this regard, our commission proposes to activate Art. 66 of the Constitution of the Republic on the temporary deprivation of the president of his powers, ”said Mr. Graba.

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    The final decision to deprive Milos Zeman of his powers can be made by a majority vote at meetings of the upper and lower chambers of parliament. Presidential powers will then pass to the speaker of the lower house of parliament and a new prime minister, who will be appointed by the speaker’s decision. The head of the commission noted that Mr. Zeman, if both chambers of parliament decide to temporarily deprive him of his powers, will be able to appeal this decision to the Constitutional Court.

    Milos Zeman is 77 years old. He has served as President of the Czech Republic since 2013. In recent years, he has been in a military hospital several times. The President was treated for a long time for neuropathy of the feet and diabetes. This year he started using a wheelchair due to leg problems.

    The hospitalization of the Czech President became known on October 10. Chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milos At a briefing on October 18, referring to the data of the doctor, Mr. Zeman, said that the president could not fulfill his powers.

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