Sanitary passes with QR codes when visiting public places (with the exception of medical institutions) are canceled in Cyprus. This was reported by TASS on May 15.

It is clarified that, according to the innovations that have come into force, a sanitary pass, which indicates the history of vaccination against COVID-19 and recovery from this disease, will now be needed only in order to enter closed areas, outpatient departments of hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic and medical centers.

It is noted that persons who do not have such a pass with them will need to present at the entrance to these institutions a certificate with a negative test for COVID-19 (valid for 72 hours), or a rapid antigen test (valid for 48 hours). ). These rules will apply to both visitors and employees of these institutions.

In addition, it is allowed to visit patients in private and public hospitals: the number of visitors should not exceed two …


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