Cynologist Golubev advised to control the appetite of dogs with the help of games


Games allow you to control your dog’s appetite. About this in conversation with RIA News said the president of the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) Vladimir Golubev. He shared tips on caring for pets.

The specialist claims that if the dog eats very quickly, then you can put a tennis ball in its bowl. The toy will interfere with the pet, which will slow down the process of absorption of food. In addition, Golubev recommends playing a search game with the dog.

“To do this, divide the meal into several equal parts, then hide the food in different parts of the room in which the dog usually eats. To begin with, do not hide food very far so that the dog can easily find it, gradually complicate the task, ”said the dog handler.

The expert also recommends that dog owners take good care of their pets’ teeth. According to him, oral diseases are among the most common among dogs. The dog handler advises brushing dogs teeth at least once a week.


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