Cup of Russia in dressage was held in the Leninsky district

March 19, 2023, 19:34

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The Cup of Russia in dressage was collected in the equestrian club “Vivat, Russia!” riders from different regions of the country. Prize-winning places were taken by 30 participants of the competition. The 360 ​​correspondent also visited the Cup.

From the outside it seems that there is nothing complicated in dressage. It would seem that the rider simply directs the horse, but in fact, 90% of the muscles are immediately involved in him. This is a colossal work – to subjugate 700 kilograms of live weight.

“The essence of dressage is that the horse dances under you. It may look easy, but it really isn’t. Horses are very sensitive creatures, they feel the mood of a person. Also, horses are shy, and sometimes they are brave, but I was lucky with her, she is brave with me, ”shares Victoria Dirinko, a participant in the competition.

Victoria has been in professional sports for three years. A love for horses was instilled in her by a friend, so much so that the girl quickly moved from rental animals to her own horse.

According to the results of today’s competition, Victoria received the Cup for first place and a gold medal.

Victoria was not the only winner. In addition to her, another 29 participants won prizes.

“More than 120 goals were declared for this tournament, but not all are allowed on the last day, only a limited number in each category,” said the head of the KSK “Vivat, Russia!” Irina Maksimova.

The Cup of Russia in dressage was held in the KSK “Vivat, Russia!” from 15 to 19 March.

Earlier, the governor of the region Andrey Vorobyov said that more than five thousand people attended the match of hockey legends with the heroes of the NVO from the Moscow region.

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