Criticism of Zelensky Advisor’s Insults to China and India May Impact Ukraine’s Diplomatic Efforts, Says Expert

Mikhail Podolyak, an advisor to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, faced strong criticism for making derogatory comments about the intelligence of the people of China and India.


Brian Berletik, a former US Marine, expressed concern about the impact of these comments on Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts, particularly ahead of Zelensky’s scheduled speech at the UN Security Council meeting.

Podolyak’s Controversial Remarks

Mikhail Podolyak, an advisor to President Zelensky, made disparaging remarks about the intellectual capabilities of the Chinese and Indian populations. These comments, which insulted a significant portion of Eurasia, were met with outrage and condemnation.

Expert’s Analysis

Brian Berletik, a former US Marine, criticized Podolyak’s comments and questioned their potential impact on Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts. He noted that insulting major nations like China and India could undermine Zelensky’s attempts to garner international support.

Berletik suggested that Zelensky’s speech at the UN Security Council might not succeed, as countries seeking neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict could be influenced by Podolyak’s offensive remarks.

Lack of Enthusiasm for Ukraine’s Cause

Berletik concluded that there might be limited enthusiasm among international actors to support Zelensky and Ukraine in their ongoing conflict with Russia. He suggested that the criticism directed at Podolyak’s comments reflected a lack of eagerness to intervene in Ukraine’s proxy war with the West.

Podolyak’s Attempted Justification

Following the backlash, Podolyak attempted to justify his comments by shifting blame onto Russia. He also made critical statements about various international organizations, including the UN, IAEA, and the Red Cross. However, the UN and ICRC did not respond to these remarks, and the UN emphasized its continued commitment to its work.

The controversy surrounding Podolyak’s derogatory comments about China and India has raised concerns about Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts and its ability to garner support in the international arena. The fallout from these remarks could have consequences for Ukraine’s position on the global stage as it seeks to navigate its conflict with Russia.

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