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Covid Vaccination: If you make this mistake on Kovin, you will be blocked, now you will be able to correct the mistakes of vaccination certificate yourself

CoWin Platform: Now you will be blocked for 24 hours if you search more for vaccine slots on the CoWin platform. However, if you have taken the vaccine dose and there are some mistakes in the certificate issued by the government, then you can make corrections online yourself.


  • You will be blocked if you search for a vaccine slot on the Kovin app
  • Covin platform will block you even if you generate more than 50 OTPs
  • If you have got vaccinated and there are mistakes in the certificate, then now you will be able to correct yourself.

New Delhi
Efforts are on to streamline the vaccination campaign against the corona virus. In this sequence, on one hand the attempt to automate booking of vaccine slots has been banned and on the other hand the user has been given the facility to rectify the mistakes recorded in the vaccination certificate.

Never make these mistakes on covin, you will be blocked
If you have searched 1,000 times for a vaccine slot on the Kovin platform within 24 hours or generated more than 50 OTPs, then you will be blocked. An official of the team managing the Kovin portal told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India (ToI) that such users will be blocked for the next 24 hours. Along with this, the portal will automatically log out if the vaccine slot is searched for more than 20 times in 15 minutes.

The Covin management team has taken these steps to prevent the deployment of bots or scripts to automate vaccine slot bookings. “This is being done so that those who manually book slots do not have to compete with the bots,” an official said. He said that by searching one or two pin codes or 20 times within 15 minutes in the district, there is a possibility that bot activity is happening somewhere. Therefore, such users are logged out.

Those taking the vaccine will be able to correct the mistakes of the certificate
Vaccine beneficiaries can now self-correct the mistakes made in their Kovid-19 vaccination certificate on the Kovin portal. The government has announced a new update that will allow the applicant to rectify the inadvertent mistake in the name, date of birth and gender printed in the vaccination certificate. Vikas Sheel, Additional Secretary, Union Health Ministry said that users can make this correction through the Kovin website.

A tweet on the official handle of the Aarogya Setu app read, “If any errors have been made in your name, date of birth and gender inadvertently in the Kovin Vaccination Certificate, then you can correct them. Visit Kovin’s website and share your concerns in this regard.” The COVID Vaccination Certificates help in travel and commuting to various other premises.

Earlier, the government had also allowed vaccinated people to voluntarily update their status on the Aarogya Setu app through a self-assessment process. People who have received a single dose of the vaccine will see a blue tick next to the vaccination status on their home screen, and those who have taken both doses will see two blue ticks on the app after 14 days. Both these will be visible after verification of vaccination status from TickCoVin portal. The vaccination status can be updated through the mobile number used for registration on COVIN.

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